From Our Amazing Patients
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri. I was experiencing excruciating headaches and non-stop “wooshing” sounds in my ears which were progressively getting worse. I heard about the work Dr. Jeff was doing with the upper neck and decided to give it a try since none of the other doctors/specialists I was seeing really gave me much relief. Dr. Jeff is kind, attentive, and caring. His quality of care is outstanding. He took time to explain what procedure he was doing, how it worked, and made me feel very comfortable. I knew at that point I was in good hands. As a result of his care, I no longer suffer from severe headaches, constant “wooshing” sounds in my ears, and papilledema. Dr. Jeff is the best Chiropractor there is.
Krystyne L.
I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years after being in a serious car accident. Dr. Jeff is by far the best! After being in constant pain for so long, I started to lose hope that I would ever feel normal again. If you haven’t ever been to an upper cervical chiropractor, you are missing out! I am not in pain all the time any more. It is amazing! My chiropractic visits are usually few and far between now too. Whenever I am starting to feel out, I call up Dr. Jeff and he gets me in right away. He has even seen me after hours because of a scheduling conflict. You can tell that he really cares about his patients and their health. He has also been a life saver for me during this pregnancy. He is knows Webster technique and I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made for me. My first pregnancy, I had constant pelvic pain that made any movement (even walking) an agonizing experience. I can’t believe how different this pregnancy is! Even being in third trimester, I feel great and I know it’s because of the chiropractic care I am receiving. Dr. Jeff is the best!
Trish H.
I had a Major concussion in the Summer of 2009, I have been dealing with headaches, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, loss of muscle, and many other symptoms ever since. I went in the Dr. Forest and after the first visit I immediately felt better. In just a few weeks most of my symptoms have disappeared! What he does is beyond a regular “Adjustment.” He goes for the root cause of your issues. I would recommend him to anyone! He truly cares for you on an individual basis. Easily a 5 Star Chiropractor.
Matthew R.
My experience in this office has been absolutely fantastic. After spending 6 months and thousands of dollars looking for the cause of frequent loss of consciousness that has had me completely incapable, I finally have a reason for what was going on. Dr. Forest took plenty of time to talk with me explain what he saw and how he could correct it. He even made sure to follow up with me after my visit. (No other Dr. has taken the time to do that!) His office is warm and inviting (a “relax here” room for after corrections) and I feel like he went out of his way to treat me personally and completely rather than looking only at x-rays and limiting treatment to the obvious. I can’t say enough good about my experience here without sounding like a creepy stalker (because I secretly want to sneak into the relaxy room to get out of helping with bedtime every night).
Amy E.
When I first walked into Dr. Forest’s I was quite the mess. My mother referred me to see Dr Forest when I was contemplating having surgery on my neck. I had injured my neck at work and it was worse than I had initially thought. I herniated the C5-C6 disc (in my neck) and the neurosurgeon that I was seeing suggested that I get surgery to replace the disc with an artificial one and if that failed to then fuse C5-6 together. I was only 27 almost 28, and did not want to lose mobility in my neck if I could avoid it. I was in extreme pain that would shoot from my neck down the left upper part of my back as well as down into my left shoulder into the deltoid muscle, through the bicep and into the forearm muscles. At the same time I was getting this shooting pain, my left thumb was constantly numb and tingling but frequently would experience this numbness and tingling sensation up and down my left arm and shoulder. The pain was so bad that I could not sleep at night without taking muscle relaxers and pain killers. While all this was going on I also injured my SI Joint in my lower back to the point I could barely walk let alone get out of bed. One night I was stuck face first on the floor for over an hour until a family member brought over an electrical stem unit which helped me get off the floor. Dr Forest took the time to work on each problem area and did not breeze over things. He is passionate with what he does and is caring for his patients. Within a few appointments my SI joint pain was completely gone and could and move around with ease. As far as the neck pain and numbness, the gentleness of the percussion wave adjustment was the best adjustment I ever had. No pain with the best results. My neck could not handle the typical twist and pop neck adjustment. The percussion wave adjustment has held longer than any other type of chiropractic adjustments I have had. The pain is all but gone and I do not experience anymore numbness or tingling except for the tip of my thumb. I highly recommend Dr Forest to anyone. He has helped me more in a few appointments then any other chiropractor I have ever seen over many appointments. Really though I suggest you set up an appointment. He will help you feel so much better!!!
Carson B.
I have been under chiropractic care for the last twenty years. It wasn’t until I learned about upper cervical care and I went to Dr. Forest that I received care that actually corrected my neck pain and my lower back pain. While going to traditional chiropractors the adjustments were temporary, so I would go in several times a week. Upper cervical care is amazing!!!! Dr. Forest is a very honest, caring and thorough doctor that takes time to answer all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Forest.
Katie S.
Hands down the most attentive and thorough experience I’ve had working with a chiropractor. As a competitive powerlifter I put my body through a lot of stress. Dr. Forest does a great job of keeping me healthy both with injury prevention and with acute injury care. I strained my SI joint a couple months ago from intense training. I could barely walk when I came into the office and the pain was unbearable. Now I’m 2 weeks out of the biggest competition of my career, feeling confident it will be my best showing yet thanks to Dr. Forest.
Jeremy C.
The results and experience here have been truly amazing. My physical range of motion in my body is now balanced and restored for the first time since I was 13 years old (now 27). Jeff is a true professional who loves his practice and truly (more than any other doctor) listens to your own ailments. Professional staff, professional office. All for a price that is affordable although I don’t know how you can put a price on having your body function properly.
Christian H.
I suffered from chronic, debilitating back and leg pain from a serious accident. For the past several years I have taken high-dose Oxycodone and Dilaudid prescribed by various doctors and surgeons along with therapy from chiropractors and PTs, all to no avail. I did not know what an upper cervical chiropractor was when I walked into Dr. Forest’s clinic. His training and diagnostics were unlike other chiropractors I’d seen. I was consuming 110 mg of Oxy a day when I first saw him. Normal daily functions with the maximum dosage pain killers are difficult. I needed to eliminate the pain, not cover it up. After a series of tests, visits and custom treatments, I am now down to 30 mg a day and working toward zero. He accomplished this within 45 days. I got my life back with very little discomfort and no more side effects. Sadly, over the span of six years no other medical physician could alleviate my constant pain. My own MD was so surprised that my need for pain meds was drastically reduced in such a short amount of time he personally called and talked to Dr. Forest and asked how it was accomplished. Dr. Forest has corrected what many other could not. He is a premier healthcare professional.
Thomas S.
I just recommended Dr. Jeff Forest to my son… that is how much I trust him. He is truly a healer. He is detail conscious, caring, gentle, and dedicated to helping others feel their best. If you are lucky enough to live near his office, I highly recommend him. I have some extensive neck problems, but under his care I began to feel better than I had in years. Upper Cervical Care is different than any other type of chiropractic I had ever had. It is the only way for me. If I encouraged my son to see Dr. Jeff, you know he is someone I trust! Don’t wait, call him!!!!!!!! You will be happy you did.
Laurene B.
I’ve been to many chiropractors over the last three years to fix a problem. Improvements were slow and costly. Then I found Utah Upper Cervical Chiropractic in American Fork. Their techniques are unique and individualized. I’m seeing major noticeable improvements quickly. They’re amazing.
Michelle P.
As a lifelong dancer and dance teacher I have seen a lot of chiropractors. Dr. Forest is one of the best I have ever been to. He really cares about his patients. He takes the necessary time with each individual to really figure out their troubles and establish a long-term plan for good health.
Halee B.
Dr. Forest is professional, knowledgeable, friendly. He thoroughly understands how the body can be healed, for the long term. I would recommend him to anyone with structural and/or muscle issues. He works with your body, not against it. Five Stars for Dr. Forest!
Suzanne V.
Dr. Forest was phenomenal! Very professional while still being friendly. He covered all the bases, made sure I understood how the session would go before he started the adjustment and checked in with me several times during the adjustment. The office was very nice and well put together. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.
Alexis P.
Dr. Jeff is genuine and offers exceptional service. He has changed my opinion of chiropractic care to the positive. Schedule an appointment today.
Jeff is amazing! I recommend everyone to him including all of my doula clients. He is also great with my 3 year old and one year old. Can’t recommend him enough!
Charity W.
We LOVE Upper Cervical Chiropratic!!! Dr Forest has saved me with my pregnancy. So wish I would have known how much this type of chiropractic care would help!
Rachel W.
Dr Jeff is very kind, caring and thorough. He only wants to see each patient get better. He is not like any other chiropractor. I would highly recommend him.
Carrie M.
Dr. Jeff is not only a wonderful chiropractor he is also a very warm hearted person. He is helping me feel back to normal, by going above and beyond to try and figure out ways to continue to help me. I highly recommend going to him.
Monica M.
I came in with some aches and pains and it was quite helpful. I later was in a car accident and was sore and having some problems related with that. I came in and quickly was able to have everything aligned and receive relief from those pains. It has been a good experience.
Austin A.